Elite Sports Therapy and Performance Strengthening

Sidney Silver, A.R.T., CMT, CGMP, CGFI is an elite Sports Injury Therapist who specializes in sports related injuries and raising your athletic abilities to make specific physical corrections that will enable, sustain and engage your body's highest level of performance and efficiency for all ages.  Emergency First Aid Responder.

Sidney uses Active Release Technique to reclaim lost range of motion and quickly eliminate;

- back and neck pain

- wrist, elbow and shoulder pain

- hip, leg, knee, and foot pain

These conditions all have one important thing in common: they are often a result of overused and imbalanced muscles.

Below  are a few of the top International Sports Institutes Sidney works with;
Titleist  Performance Institute®,
    - Golf Medical Professional

    - Golf Fitness Instructor

    - Golf Biomechanics Instructor
- Premier Active Release Techniques® provider (A.R.T.)
- IRONMAN Triathlons® Partner Provider
- World Championship Triathlons Provider in Kona, HI

​- Currently working with members of the USA Olympic fencing team

- Major League Baseball Athletes

- U.S. Postal Cycling Team, Tour De France win

- U.S.A Olympic Athletes - Gold Medalists

- PGA Tour Concierge Service Provider for top tier golfers.

- U.S. Army, Afghanistan Special Forces Units

- Irish Gaelic Football & Hurling Teams 

- Grateful Dead Band

- The Deadliest Catch

- Equestrian Championships

​- Alonzo King Lines Ballet dancers

Sidney Silver

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